The Bitcoin Cash People, Platforms, Wallets and Miners You Need to Know

For only being about five months old, the Bitcoin Cash community is already a fast-growing and highly-opinionated network. All different kinds of people are a part of the Bitcoin Cash conversation:

  • 🔧 Fixers: Those who, frustrated by the lack of technological innovation in Bitcoin, have embraced the changes brought along by Bitcoin Cash
  • ⚡️ Visionaries: Those who identify in Bitcoin Cash the best candidate to become a true peer-to-peer electronic cash
  • 👀 Pragmatists: Those who simply want competition in the crypto space —and for natural selection to produce the strongest possible ecosystem

These groups have coalesced in an incredibly short period of time, in large part due to the ecosystem that was already existing for Bitcoin pre-hard fork. From Slack channels to Telegram to Discord to Reddit, the BCH fork didn’t just split the Bitcoin blockchain — it splintered the Bitcoin community and created BCH-specific spaces out of them.

That’s why we put together this Bitcoin Cash Ultimate Guide — to provide you with a list of the people, tools, and communities that you should read and follow to understand this network.

None of these links will give you the whole story about Bitcoin Cash. They’re here to serve as the starting point to your research, so you can understand for yourself just what Bitcoin Cash is all about.

📖 Table of Contents

👩‍💻 People: The entrepreneurs, developers, and thinkers that are driving the conversation
around Bitcoin Cash forward.
💳 Services: From paying your bills to sending virtual tips, we've collected a list of 
services that use and support Bitcoin Cash. We've broken them down into four groups: 
payment gateways, trading platforms, payment services, and blockchain explorers.
Communities: Whether you want to share your thoughts about BCH or hear what others are 
saying, we provide a list of subreddits, social media pages, and more where you can dive
in and immerse yourself.
🗞 News: Most major cryptocurrency news sites now cover the BitcoinCash beat--we've 
collected a list of these, as well as Bitcoin Cash-specific resources for
updates on the cryptocurrency.
Miners: When you mine BCH, you're getting paid to help validate transactions on the 
Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Here, we've collected a list of mining pools where you--for a 
fee--can start mining BCH yourself.
👜 Wallets: Online or offline? Just BCH, or other cryptocurrencies? If you're trying to 
figure out where to store your BCH, we've assorted a list of Bitcoin Cash wallets by type 
so you can pick the best provider for your coins. 

👩‍💻 People

🌱 Founders/CEOs

Follow all the founders below with this BCH Founder/CEO Twitter list.

  • Roger Ver is the founder and CEO of Bitcoin.com. He was an early investor in and evangelist for Bitcoin — today, he’s one of its most prominent critics and one of the foremost advocates of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Jihan Wu is the co-founder and CEO of the Chinese firm Bitmain, the world’s largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining chips and machines, as well as Antpool, the world’s second-largest single Bitcoin Cash mining pool.
  • Emil Oldenburg is the CTO of Bitcoin.com and the co-founder of Safello, a Swedish exchange.
  • Paul Wasensteiner is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Bitcoin Cash Fund, a non-profit with the mission of distributing donated funds to projects that promote Bitcoin Cash.
  • Gavin Yeung is the CEO and founder of Cryptomover, a digital asset management firm with two families of cryptocurrency-based index funds.
  • Haipo Yang is the founder of ViaBTC, the largest Bitcoin Cash miner in the world, and co-founder of the Bitcoin Cash Fund.
  • Jack C. Liu is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at money transfer network OKLink and the exchange OKCoin.
  • Juan Garavaglia is the CEO of Bitprim, a development platform for Bitcoin, as well as the founder of 112 Bit LLC, the largest distributor of Bitmain mining hardware in the United States.
  • Jimmy Nguyen was recently named the CEO of the blockchain research organization nChain. He’s a former lawyer and founder of the DiverseStory Project — today, he writes for outlets like the Huffington Post about why merchants should look to BCH for payments.
  • Yoshitaka Kitao is the President & CEO of the financial services company SBI Holdings who recently partnered SBI with nChain to support Bitcoin Cash and devote more resources towards increasing its adoption as a payment system.
  • Bryce Weiner is the founder and CEO of AltMarket, a peer-to-peer trading and fundraising platform for the music industry built on the blockchain. He tweets frequently about Bitcoin Cash and other alternative cryptocurrencies.

💻 Developers

Follow all the developers below with this BCH Developer Twitter list.

  • Gavin Andresen is a former lead developer for Bitcoin who recently threw his support behind BCH.
  • Andrew Stone is the developer of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), a BCH client software that recently partnered with the development teams of other BCH client software, such as Bitcoin ABC and Bitcrust, to help BCH scale and become a fast, low-fee peer-to-peer electronic cash system.
  • Chris Pacia is the lead back-end developer for the decentralized marketplace Openbazaar. He created buzz around adding colored coins to BCH with his Yours post about Andrew Stone’s colored coin proposal.
  • Shammah Chancellor is a frequent GitHub contributor to Bitcoin ABC, a full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol, who works alongside “Deadal Nix” Sechet.
  • dagurval on GitHub has contributed to Bitcoin ABC throughout 2017.

🗣 Writers/Commentators

Follow all the writers/commentators below with this BCH Writers/Commentators Twitter list.

  • Rick Falkvinge is the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, an early Bitcoin investor, and Bitcoin Cash’s self-styled “CEO.” He publicly “defected” from Bitcoin in November 2017 and penned a humorous manifesto in favor of BCH’s economics.
  • Dr. Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist who has claimed to be the person behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym — a claim that is strongly disputed within the bitcoin community. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, serves as Chief Scientist at nChain, and tweets and speaks in support of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Mike Komaransky founded the first cryptocurrency trading desk at one of Wall Street’s biggest high-frequency trading firms, DRW Holdings, which traded more than $20 billion of cryptocurrencies in 2017.
  • Eli Afram is the founder of Bitcoin Cash Australia, a BCH dev, and a contributor to CoinGeek.com.
  • Nishant Sharma is a marketer at the mining pool Bitmain and the organizer of the Beijing Bitcoin Cash meetup.

💳 Services

Payment gateways

  • Bitpay allows users to accept cryptocurrencies as payment or store and spend their cryptocurrencies.
  • Rocketr supports Bitcoin Cash as payment for purchasing files, software, services, and more.
  • CoinPayments enables businesses to accept over 100 different kinds of cryptocurrency as payment.
  • Coinify is Europe’s largest blockchain payment gateway service that enables merchants to accept BCH as payment.
  • Coingate enables businesses to accept Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrency payments.

Trading platforms

  • SFOX is an advanced trading platform for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash.

Payment services

  • Bitcoin Cash tippr is a Bitcoin Cash tipbot for Reddit and Twitter that allows you to reward content creators with quick BCH transactions.
  • Coinmix was the first Bitcoin Cash coin mixer — a service that completes payments by putting your BCH coins into a pool of pre-mixed coins and sending the older coins from the pool for your transaction to improve privacy.
  • Living Room of Satoshi is a service to pay everyday bills in Australia with Bitcoin Cash.
  • piixPay is a service that lets users pay bills or send money to family with Bitcoin Cash and other digital currencies.
  • ALFAtop is a service that allows users to top-up pre-paid mobile phones with Bitcoin Cash and other digital currencies.

Blockchain explorers

  • Blockchair can filter blocks, transactions, and outputs with 60 different criteria.
  • Blockdozer is a Bitcoin Cash-only blockchain explorer.

⛪ Communities

🗞 News

  • BitcoinCash.org provides a detailed explanation of the coin’s features, as well as updated lists of BCH-compatible nodes, wallets, services, projects, and exchanges.
  • Bitcoin Cash Fundruns an email newsletter that sends regular updates about Bitcoin Cash and the progress of their organization.
  • Bch.cashis an archive of Bitcoin Cash articles, updates, and opinion pieces.
  • @bch_priceis a Twitter account that tweets the price of BCH to USD and BCH to BTC every hour.
  • Coin Telegraph has a constantly updated archive of all Bitcoin Cash-related pieces on Coin Telegraph.
  • Coindeskhas a constantly updated archive of all Bitcoin Cash-related pieces on Coindesk.
  • CryptoCoinsNewsis an independent news site providing coverage on cryptocurrencies.
  • Yoursis a peer-to-peer social network where users are paid in Bitcoin Cash for creating content.


⛏ Miners

  • Bitcoin.com is a pool based in North America that mines roughly 15% of BCH blocks.
  • ViaBTC is a pool based in China that mines roughly 10% of BCH blocks.
  • AntPool is a pool based in China that mines roughly 9% of BCH blocks.
  • BTC.top is a pool based in China that mines roughly 7% of BCH blocks.
  • BTC is a pool based in China that mines 3.9% of BCH blocks.
  • BTCC is a pool based in China that mines 0.5% of BCH blocks.

👜 Wallets

Software & web wallets

  • Blockchain is one of the most popular wallets in the world for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Coinbase is a major wallet with over 10 million customers and 32 supported countries.
  • Unit Walletis a BCH-only wallet for mobile devices.
  • Electron Cashis a BCH-only wallet that uses SPV technology to provide security.
  • WebMoneyis a wallet that enables BCH purchases wherever WebMoney is accepted.
  • Bitcoin.comis a wallet that supported BCH early on in September. Its CEO, Roger Ver, is one of the foremost advocates of BCH.
  • Exodusis a desktop wallet with access to the ShapeShift exchange built in.
  • BTCis a wallet for mobile devices that’s owned by Bitmain Technologies.
  • Mobiis a wallet that supports traditional currencies as well as cryptocurrencies.
  • Copayis an open-source tool that allows you to store multiple, distinct bitcoin wallets.
  • Jaxxis a wallet that was created by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio.
  • Stashis a wallet with built-in secure messaging and available to download on Android phones.
  • StrongCoinis a wallet that has been running since 2011, making it the longest running Bitcoin wallet.
  • Coinomiis a wallet with built-in exchanges Shapeshift and Changelly.

Hardware wallets

  • Ledgeris a wallet with a wide currency selection and affordable pricing.
  • TREZORis a wallet with advanced software features, such as integrating transaction information with Dropbox.
  • KeepKeyis a wallet with a sleek design and large screen for easy use.

Wallet generators

  • CashAddressis an open-source, client-side wallet generator for Bitcoin Cash.
  • WalletGenerator.netis an open-source, client-side wallet generator for 158 coins.

What are we missing?

To make this guide as comprehensive as possible, let us know if we missed any major resources or key players in the BCH community. Leave a comment with a Twitter handle or link, and thanks in advance!

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