The premier institutional crypto partner

Only sFOX offers the liquidity, compliance, and flexibility required to power institutional crypto trading operations.

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Engineered to access the deepest pools of liquidity

Realize the possibilities of large-scale trading with infrastructure designed to move
significant orders quickly, securely, and privately.

Execute reliably around the clock

99.9% uptime with processing 5x the flow of the leading exchanges.


Execute block trades in private with Smart Order Routing and Dark Pool.

Rely on our infrastructure

Reduce burden on your internal systems with our high-performance APIs.

Best execution
that aligns with your trading

Our incentives ensure that you always execute at the best prices globally.

Price improvement
Advanced smart order routing passes price improvements directly to you, so you can outperform on every trade.

Agnostic agent
sFOX offers unbiased access to the best prices in crypto across 80+ markets.

Limitless liquidity. Unprecedented performance.

sFOX’s unique depth of market unlocks price improvements, reduced slippage, and operational advantages, enabling trades at speed and scale—without impacting the market.

30+ Liquidity providers
80+ Markets
10x Deeper orderbook liquidity

Expand your digital asset initiatives

sFOX’s platform expands your crypto product portfolio. Offer trading, custody, and treasury management to your customers—in one seamless, low latency API.

Secure crypto wallets and custody

Become a crypto custodian with sFOX’s industry-leading, patented technology.

Data and reporting

Real-time global market data and robust reporting organized into a single stream.

24/7 spot and derivative trading

Offer crypto trading at scale through spot markets or cash-settled synthetic exposure via non-deliverable forwards.

Global payments

Process merchant and interbank payments using top crypto currencies

Partnering to build your crypto business

sFOX goes beyond standard Prime Dealer services to work as a true partner to financial institutions, offering the capital and operational efficiencies required by your daily workflows.

Scale confidently with complete compliance

sFOX is dedicated to exceeding the high compliance standards required by institutions,
both internally and from regulators.

Regulatory and Industry Compliance

Operational compliance

*Provided by various syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, led by Arch Syndicate 2012. Certificate of insurance available upon request.

Slow and steady wins nothing

Accelerate your advantage with access to more opportunities in the digital asset class.