Partnering with institutions to scale performance

sFOX provides the comprehensive Prime Services needed to optimize large trading operations.

Unlock capital efficiencies through aggregation

sFOX brings the world’s liquidity together in one account, allowing institutions to diversify liquidity and mitigate for counterparty risk while streamlining operations.

Simplify operations

Removes the need to manage multiple accounts

Scale seamlessly

Increase performance without adding complexity

Focus on your strategy

sFOX manages relationships with OTCs and exchanges

Capitalize on opportunities with flexible settlement

sFOX extends credit lines to eligible clients, offering customized settlement to meet the needs of any trading or business strategy.

Express your views

Take bi-directional positions and manage risk

Take action without pre-funding

Never miss a trade waiting for deposits to clear

Extend 24/7 trading to your clients

Offer crypto trading and wallets to your end users, without balance management overhead

Optimize trade strategies with transparent reporting

sFOX provides post-trade analytics that go deeper than other platforms, allowing you to fine-tune your decision making in response to robust reports.

Patented custody support for your entire portfolio

sFOX’s affiliate SAFE Trust Co. is a regulated custodian that offers patented, geographically distributed MPC wallets and $200MM insurance.*

Diverse wallet infrastructure

Supports multiple blockchains and assets, with blockchain agnostic wallet infrastructure enabling most crypto assets within days.

Trust-held assets

SAFE Trust Co. is a regulated trust company under WY state law. All assets held in custody by SAFE are subject to regulatory oversight by the Wyoming Division of Banking.

Scalable operations

Customizable workflows ensure operational needs are exceeded at any size.

White-glove services for the full trade life cycle


Integrated market data
Compliance, KYC & AML


Global liquidity
Best execution
Advanced order types


Post-trade settlement
Treasury management
Post-trade analytics
Robust reporting

Slow and steady wins nothing

Accelerate your advantage with access to more opportunities in the digital asset class.