Crypto for any business

sFOX Connect is the fastest and easiest way to integrate end-to-end crypto services for your clients.

Build any crypto business with speed and flexibility

Launch faster 

Get to market faster without the upfront costs or development time required to build crypto infrastructure in-house 

Scale globally

Reach more customers worldwide with a global crypto platform supporting 100+ crypto assets and global banking rails

Drive revenue growth 

Unlock new revenue streams with customized, built-in fees to earn on every transaction

Simplify compliance

Save time and resources and let us assist you in meeting all applicable requirements for crypto compliance

End-to-end crypto services for your clients in a single integration

Connect is the most efficient way to integrate crypto into your business. Our API enables you to build and scale end-to-end crypto experiences from onboarding to trading, staking, and more.

Onboarding, KYC, AML

Instantly create accounts with complete & automatic compliance management

Comprehensive crypto product suite

Offer your users a complete feature set including trading, wallets, staking, reporting, and more

Secure & regulated custody

Enable your clients to enter digital assets with security and peace of mind

Global banking rails

Easily let your clients move fiat both on and off of your platform

Onboard users globally at scale

Connect makes it easy to quickly convert your users. sFOX handles user verification and provides global banking rails so your users can become customers in minutes.

Reduce compliance overhead

sFOX handles KYC, AML and helps you maintain compliance throughout the customer lifecycle

Grow globally

Onboard users in the U.S. and abroad

Global fiat on and off ramps

All the banking and liquidity infrastructure your clients needs

Unlock new revenue streams

Monetize sFOX’s complete suite of crypto products by offering trading, wallets, staking, and more to your users. Tailor the experience to your business with customizable monetization settings.

Revenue streams

Transaction fees and price markups

Revenue sources

Spot trading, OTC trading, on-chain transfers, incentives and more

Simple experience

Connect handles all of the back-office work and automatically credits you your earnings

Expand into digital assets with the only solution that sees the full picture


Onboarding & Verification

  • Automated KYC/KYB
  • Identify verification
  • AML screening
  • Sanctions screening
  • Global fiat on/off ramps


  • Global compliance
  • Global licensing
  • Fraud management
  • FinCEN registered



  • Unique addresses per user
  • Unlimited deposit addresses
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals

sFOX SAFE Custody

  • Bankruptcy protected custody
  • Unlimited asset availability
  • Regular auditing
  • SOC II certified


Revenue Streams

  • Transaction fees
  • Price markups


  • OTC trading
  • Advanced trading
  • Transfers
  • Staking

Tools & Reporting

  • Automated payments
  • Daily reporting



  • Global liquidity, 35+ liquidity providers
  • Best price execution
  • Advanced order types & algorithms
  • e-OTC trading
  • 100+ markets


  • Available for all clients
  • Staking directly from custody

Account Management

  • Simple user management tools
  • Hierarchical  account relationships

Data & Analytics

  • Post-trade analytics
  • Charting and market data
  • Transaction history and tax reporting


  • Fee-less crypto or fiat transfers
  • Instant account-to-account settlement


  • Co-branded communications
  • Integration consulting
  • 24/7 customer service

Bankruptcy-Protected, Insured Crypto Custody

Benefit from the uniquely robust sFOX SAFE custody solution – the only crypto custody product backed by a Wyoming Division of Banking-regulated trust company for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Regulated, insured, compliant

SAFE Trust Company–trust company charted by the state of Wyoming, regulated by the Wyoming Division of Banking

Multi-layered security

Proprietary infrastructure removes single points of failure with an unimpeachable track record since 2014

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