The crypto destination for asset managers

sFOX offers the opportunity, liquidity, and performance you need to deploy assets and manage risk in crypto at scale.

Trade at size quickly, reliably, and privately

sFOX’s expert platform is built to deliver what institutional asset managers need most: round-the-clock reliability, liquidity, and performance.

Always open

99.99% uptime,
processing 5x the flow of leading exchanges

Built for speed

Avg. 2.25ms API response times and microsecond matches

Deep & diverse liquidity

10x deeper liquidity within 15bps, for negligible market impact

Capitalize on opportunities with flexible settlement

sFOX extends credit lines to eligible clients, offering customized settlement to meet the needs of any trading or business strategy.

Express your views

Take bi-directional positions and manage risk

Take action without pre-funding

Never miss a trade waiting for deposits to clear

Extend 24/7 trading to your clients

Offer crypto trading and wallets to your end users, without balance management overhead

Outperform on
every opportunity

Achieve maximum performance by trading with a partner whose incentives align with yours.

Agnostic Best Execution

Unbiased Smart Order Routing to the best prices globally passes price improvements directly to you.

Expert tools

Proprietary order types and execution algorithms designed for discreet high-performance trades of any strategy or size.

Scale advantage

Access better prices at lower costs with sFOX’s advantageous counterparty relationships

Breadth of opportunity

Trade across 80+ spot and cash-settled alternative markets.

Advance Reporting

Post-Trade analytics to evaluate execution performance and trader decision making.

Exceptional security and compliance

Our fully secure, compliant, and regulated platform was built in-house to provide
ironclad protection from outside threats.



*Provided by various syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, led by Arch Syndicate 2012. Certificate of insurance available upon request.

Slow and steady wins nothing

Accelerate your advantage with access to more opportunities in the digital asset class.