Get Up To 50% Off The Most Advanced Trading Algorithms Through July 31

Discounts on SFOX’s most sophisticated algorithms have officially been extended through the end of July 2019. Read on to find out how you can test-drive the best crypto trading algorithms on the market for yourself.

Volatility is on the rise again in the crypto market. If you’re only trading with market and limit orders, that volatility can be challenging — but with the right trading tools at your disposal, increased volatility may lead to totally new opportunities.

To give our traders the edge they need in volatile conditions, SFOX is offering up to 50% off its most advanced trading algorithms through the end of July 2019.

SFOX’s Gorilla, Polar Bear, Sniper, and TWAP algorithms have discounted fees through July 4th.

These four algorithms — Gorilla, Polar Bear, Sniper, and TWAP — form a suite of battle-tested algorithms that have been trained on over five years of crypto market data. Read on to get to know these tools, then head over to your SFOX account to see how they can give you an edge.

Gorilla: Break large orders into small ones

Fee: 0̶.̶5̶0̶%̶ 0.37%

Extra-large orders can test the limits of traditional smart-routing algorithms. That’s why we built Gorilla, an algorithm that breaks orders worth 20+ BTC into small pieces and continually moves those pieces across different exchanges to find and execute at the best price.

Polar Bear: Stay at the top of the order book

Fee: 0̶.̶5̶0̶%̶ 0.37%

When there are only very small quantities on the top of an order book, a large trade runs the risk of getting pulled deeper into the book and executing at a worse price. The Polar Bear algorithm prevents this by filling large orders piece by piece using only the top-of-book orders from across the 20+ major exchanges and liquidity providers SFOX is connected to.

Sniper: Execute large orders quickly

Fee: 0̶.̶7̶5̶%̶ 0.37%

When the market is highly volatile, you may not want to spend time gradually entering or exiting a position — but moving a lot of crypto quickly runs the risk of moving the market and leading your trade to execute at a worse price. We engineered the Sniper algorithm to move large amounts of crypto as quickly as possible while minimizing the negative impact on your trade’s price execution.

TWAP: Average in and out of positions

Fee: 0̶.̶7̶5̶%̶ 0.37%

When timing isn’t of the essence, a trader may want to “average in” or “average out” of a position, buying or selling a little at a time over a set period of time, in order to get a better average price than they may have by executing their entire order at once. With SFOX’s time-weighted average price, or “TWAP,” algorithm, you can do this automatically by setting a time period over which to gradually execute your order, ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours.

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