Under the Hood: A Practical Guide to Capturing Alpha through the sFOX Platform

Are you ready to look behind the curtain and discover the hidden techniques that crypto’s most advanced traders use to get an edge? Join us for an exclusive AMA session where we unveil the keys to capturing alpha using the most sophisticated trading platform in the world.

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Key topics we will address during the AMA session


Strategies for leveraging sFOX’s advanced tools and features to gain a competitive edge


Data-driven analyses of sFOX spreads & order book depth compared to other trading venues


Deep dives into arbitrage opportunities and other trades unavailable elsewhere

Meet the panelists

Jackson Finio

Jackson Finio

Head of Product
at sFOX

Jack is the Head of Product at sFOX, the full-service crypto prime dealer for institutional investors, providing the liquidity, security, and infrastructure needed to unlock the full potential of digital assets. Jack has been professionally involved in crypto since 2015. Prior to joining sFOX, Jack was CEO and Co-Founder of Fund3, a quantitative hedge fund and OEMS software provider for digital assets.

Chuck Lugay

Chuck Lugay

Head of Execution Services
at sFOX

Chuck Lugay is the Head of Execution Services at sFOX, one of the leading full-service crypto prime dealers for institutional investors. He has over 25 years of experience in electronic markets working for industry leaders such as Nasdaq, Knight Capital Group and Citadel Securities focused on best execution within equities and options. He has also been active in industry organizations serving as a past President for The Securities Traders Association of New York as well as a governor on the Security Traders Association Board of Directors. Today he brings his market structure and best execution expertise to the digital asset space with sFOX.

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