The Greater Half of Trading: Mastering Post-Trade Crypto Analytics

Are you seeking to perpetually improve the strategies you use for trading crypto? Join our AMA session and discover a crypto trading platform that not only offers liquidity and efficient order execution but also empowers you with personalized post-trade analytics.
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Key topics we will address during the AMA session


Personalized Trading Insights:
Delve into a comprehensive analysis of your distinct trading patterns, encompassing trade volume, frequency, and timing.


Strategy Enhancement:
Get insights to optimize your strategies based on data directly derived from your previous trades and market conditions


Risk Management:
Learn how your actions interact with the broader exchange environment, and how these interactions can inform your risk management practices

Meet the panelist


Dimitry Chesnokov

Client Success Manager
at sFOX

With over 10 years of leadership experience in both traditional finance and the crypto fintech sector, Dimitry brings a wealth of institutional sales and client success expertise to the table. Dimitry’s career journey initiated in financial services, wherein he managed customer support teams that serviced retail and institutional fx clients and launched strategic projects to accelerate sales while upholding rigorous regulatory standards. His diverse expertise, exemplary leadership, and innovative mindset position him as a dynamic player in the fintech industry.

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