Digital Banking, Prime Brokerages, and You: Understanding the Digital Asset Financial Services Ecosystem in 2023

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Key topics we will address during the webinar


How banks and prime brokerage companies can partner to offer/facilitate digital asset services


How digital banks are integrating cryptocurrencies into their offerings


Key trends shaping the digital banking landscape today

Meet the panelists

Miles Paschini

Miles Paschini

at FV Bank

Miles Paschini is CEO of FV Bank, a global digital bank providing fintech and blockchain companies with integrated banking, payments, and digital asset custody services. An investor and serial entrepreneur, Miles has built numerous, innovative financial services businesses. He was awarded seven patents related to payment processing services during the development of EWI Holdings acquired by Blackhawk Inc. in 2006. In addition to developing the industry’s first cryptocurrency linked debit cards, Miles and FV Bank co-founder Nitin Agarwal are the first in history to be awarded a U.S. patent for the development of stablecoin instruments backed by sovereign debt and on chain KYC.


Daniel Hinton

Head of Operations and Treasurer
at sFOX

Daniel Hinton is the Head of Operations and Treasurer at sFOX. With a strong background in corporate finance, Daniel has been instrumental in driving growth and improving operational efficiency at the Company. Prior to joining sFOX he held finance positions at a leading high-growth healthcare operator and in M&A advisory. Daniel earned his JD and Master’s of Tax Accounting from The University of Alabama. In his free time, he enjoys participating in various outdoor sports and bitcoin meetups in the Nashville area.

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