A Prime Trust Postmortem: Understanding the Collapse and How to Safeguard Your Crypto Going Forward

Whether you’re a displaced customer of Prime Trust looking to better understand your options or an observer trying to understand what this news means for the future of digital asset management, join us for a special edition of our webinar series.

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Key topics we will address during the webinar


Understanding the timeline that led to Prime Trust’s collapse


The steps in the receivership process for a public trust company that are not Chapter 11


How to evaluate whether a custody provider’s services are actually safe to use

Meet the panelists

John Mannino

Chief Compliance Officer
at sFOX

John Mannino is the Chief Compliance Officer at sFOX. He joined sFOX after more than two decades of extensive operations and regulatory compliance experience at Goldman Sachs where his last position was Senior Vice President, Global Head Regulation Assurance & Compliance. He has worked at Goldman Sachs offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Zurich and London where he oversaw daily compliance across multiple global regulators in the OTC derivative margin and collateral sector while also continuing to navigate the rapidly changing derivative regulatory environment as it emerged around the world. John also served as a Finance and Risk Compliance Manager at Accenture, where he helped financial institutions manage and transition products that were impacted by compliance and regulatory changes. John has his CPA license and has a BS in Accounting from Penn State University and a MBA in Finance from Boston College Carroll School of Management, completing his final year at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Daniel Hinton

Head of Operations & Treasurer at sFOX

Daniel Hinton is the Head of Operations and Treasurer at sFOX. With a strong background in corporate finance, Daniel has been instrumental in driving growth and improving operational efficiency at the Company. Prior to joining sFOX he held finance positions at a leading high-growth healthcare operator and in M&A advisory.
Daniel earned his JD and Master’s of Tax Accounting from The University of Alabama. In his free time, he enjoys participating in various outdoor sports and bitcoin meetups in the Nashville area.

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