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Customized Portfolio Management

SFOX provides a collaborative platform for wealth managers and investors to manage client portfolios.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Unlike mutual funds or ETFs, managed accounts are individually customized investment portfolios to meet the unique goals of sophisticated investors. We built SMA to help make these powerful services accessible in a new asset class.


The platform that grows your business

Offer secure crypto trading to your clients and easily manage
multiple portfolios in a single account.

Custom portfolio management all in one place

  • manage multiple client accounts from a single login and easily maneuver between client portfolios.
  • trade on behalf of your clients directly in their account without having to manage their account funding

Automatic Best Price Execution

SFOX’s order types and execution algorithms powered by Smart Order Routing that does the work of best price execution for you

Security you and your clients trust

  • clients deposits are kept in cold storage and never held on exchanges
  • maintain account integrity with customizeable roles and permissions for you and your team

Transparent and tax season friendly

All of your and your clients’ activity is available from your account. The information is transparent, uniform, and easily accessible for audit-friendly reporting.

175,000+ investors are waiting for you


Confidently invest in a new asset class

Avoid high-fee hedge funds and investment products. SMAs are the most
cost-effective way to access professional portfolio management.

What is a Separately Managed Account?

Managed accounts are individually customized investment portfolios designed to meet the specific objectives of sophisticated investors.

Unlike a mutual fund or ETF, the assets are owned directly by the investor and the portfolio is managed by a professional money manager.

Why choose an SMA?

Here are some features that you will enjoy with SFOX’s SMA.

Cost-Effective & Transparent

Avoid paying high fees to hedge funds and other investment vehicles and get complete transparency on how your trading is managed.

Security you can count on

Give trading access to money managers without putting your wallet at risk–assets stored on SFOX are secured using a patent-pending vault

Generate higher returns

Orders using SFOX’s Smart Order Routing receive a net US dollar price improvement of $2.24 per $100 vs. the industry bid / offer.

Tax Season Friendly

All of your activity is available in uniform and easily accessible formatting built with accountants for audit-friendly reporting.

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