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SFOX Pro is the platform most trusted by trading professionals and institutions to buy, sell, manage, and secure crypto.


The platform trusted by the top 1% of crypto funds and professionals

Global Access

Trade on an aggregated orderbook of the top liquidity providers from around the globe.

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Lowest Cost

Our transparent, low fees, best price execution, and global liquidity minimize your costs to help you maximize your returns.

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Find Hidden Opportunities

Smart Order Routing that does the work for you across the deepest liquidity.

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Save Time

We give you the tools and technology to streamline your operations and focus on what matters.

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Global Access From One Account

Leverage the power of global market access for better, more reliable trading

Deepest liquidity

Aggregated liquidity of top exchange and OTC liquidity providers from a single account.

Always online

If any one liquidity provider goes offline, automatic Smart Order Routing will route your order to others.

Maximum focus

Trade. We take care of everything else–wallets, custody, banking, instant settlement, and no minimums all in one.

Peak Performance

Leverage our low fees, best price execution, and global liquidity to minimize your costs and maximize your returns

Superior returns

Average net price improvement of $2.24 per $100 vs. the industry bid / offer.

Lower fees

Our long-term relationships with liquidity providers means lower fees for you.

Trading with an Edge

Outfox the market with automatic Smart Order Routing on all orders and enhanced risk management features

One-click algorithmic trade execution

Powerful order types and execution algorithms optimized for speed, stealth, size, making, taking, and more.

Advanced risk management

Easy to use, Smart Routed Stop-Loss, Trailing-Stop, and conditional orders including OTO, OCO, and more.

Trusted Security

SFOX’s patent-pending crypto security keeps your portfolio safe

  • U.S. based and FinCEN regulated
  • support for advanced account security
  • regular independent security audits and testing

The most reliable place to trade crypto

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  • “exchange”: “market3”,
  • “high”: 11734.09,
  • “last”: 11664.89,
  • “low”: 11069.42,
  • “open”: 11123.49,
  • “pair”: “btcusd”,
  • “route”: “Smart”,
  • “source”: “ticker-info”,
  • “timestamp”: “2020-08-03T18:22:05.909Z”,
  • “volume”: 38541.16966647,
  • “vwap”: 11449.21


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