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The aggregated liquidity from market makers and other exchanges on the platform is so vast that officials claim a single $50 million trade of bitcoin would execute in milliseconds without moving the market — 10x more than any exchange. Quant trading firm Jane Street and crypto market maker Wintermute recently joined the SFOX platform, officials confirmed. Nov 11, 2021
The bank, a $19.1 billion subsidiary of Customers Bancorp, said it had onboarded cryptocurrency trading firms Genesis Trading (which shares a parent company with CoinDesk), Blockfills, GSR and SFOX. “We’re proud to be attracting these best-in-class organizations,” Customers Bank CEO Sam Sidhu said in a statement. Nov 2, 2021
Digital assets prime broker SFOX has appointed Eddy Sfeir and Daniella Gekhtman to its senior sales team for institutional investors. Sfeir… and Gekhtman both join SFOX as senior vice presidents of digital assets where they will assist with the global expansion of business development. Most recently, Sfeir was head of FX options trading for Latin America at Credit Suisse and prior to that, he spent over a decade as VP and director of the FX options trading desk with Deutsche Bank. Gekhtman was previously a senior interest rates trader at Jefferies. Oct 7, 2021
Crypto prime brokerage SFOX has rolled out a new product designed specifically for hedge funds that trade cryptocurrencies. The idea is to enable hedge fund clients of SFOX to start trading in just one day, cutting down on cumbersome set up times that are often required when setting up trading infrastructure between different crypto exchanges and trade OTCoperators, said SFOX co-founder and CEO Akbar Thobhani. Sept 15, 2021
London-based institutional custody and prime brokerage firm, Copper.co, today announces its partnership with the first US prime dealer, SFOX. The integration will allow Copper’s institutional clients access to SFOX’s best price execution platform. Mar 10, 2020
FoxEye’s Time and Sales is the first service to provide users with aggregated, cross exchange, formatted, real-time, market-wide data for free. execution platform. Mar 10, 2020
SFOX aims to provide a single point of access for institutional investors, like crypto hedge funds and family offices, that move large amounts of money. SFOX has been able to beat the average market price for a crypto asset trade by 2.5%. Aug 16, 2018
The two businesses to earn spots on the list were Coinbase, the popular U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange , and SFOX, a crypto dealer for institutional and professional traders. Oct 15, 2019