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Staking: The Key to Crypto Portfolio Management

Don’t let your crypto assets gather dust. Leverage the power of staking to earn passive income and boost your portfolio.

sFOX Empowers You to Stake with Confidence

Stake assets securely from our bankruptcy-protected custody. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Institutional Responsibility Matters

Contribute to the security of the assets in your portfolio. With sFOX, you’re in control, and your assets are protected.

Streamlined Asset Review Process

Our asset review process sets the industry standard, ensuring your tokens are in good hands.

Hedge Price Risk Effectively

Benefit from post-trade settlement to manage price risk effectively. Stay ahead of market volatility.

100% Ownership, 100% of the Time

With sFOX, you maintain full ownership of your assets at all times. No exceptions.

Zero Staking Commissions

We don’t believe in hidden fees. Enjoy zero staking commissions and maximize your returns.

Why Staking Is the Future for Institutions

Many long-term crypto holders look at staking as a way of making their assets work for them by generating rewards, rather than collecting dust in their crypto wallets.

Security and Control

Unlike lending platforms, staking keeps your tokens securely within your wallets. No risk of loss or default.

Low Transaction Fees

Cut down on fees with direct staking rewards. No need to swap tokens for stablecoins or fiat currencies.

Stay Liquid

Withdraw your tokens with ease, considering the unbonding period specific to the protocol.

Start Earning with Crypto Staking Today

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