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Execute strategies at scale through deep global liquidity, transparent agency execution, prime services, and 99.99% uptime.

99.99% uptime

SFOX is always open. Unlike exchanges, we’re built to stay performant during the most volatile conditions.

10x deeper liquidity

10x deeper liquidity than any single exchange—within 1% of the mid price. Size doesn’t move markets on SFOX.

Agency execution

As an agent, we are only incentivized to get you the best price available and we’ll prove it through our post-trade analysis.

Never miss an opportunity

Our transparent, low fees, best price execution, and global liquidity minimize your costs to help you maximize your margins.

99.99% uptime

We’re always open and our systems are designed so we don’t have to take downtime even for maintenance.

Flexible settlement

Post-trade settlement is available to qualified funds and can be suited to meet the needs of any trading strategy.

Dynamic risk management

If one of our 59+ liquidity providers goes down, they are automatically removed from your orderbook for the most seamless trading experience.

Global liquidity from a single account

Clients access deep global liquidity from leading exchanges, OTC desks, and dark pools in a single integrated order book.

Trading that aligns with your fund

SFOX is independent from any 3rd parties, our only incentive is to help you win by providing advanced smart order routing and trade execution tools.

We succeed if you succeed

With agency execution, we are only incentivized to get you the best price and we are independent from any exchange or 3rd party

Best price

View your trade performance and evaluate decision making via our post trade analysis tool.

Advanced trading strategies

14 advanced order types and execution algorithms allow you to execute even the most advanced trading strategies


  • “amount”: 0.0989,
  • “exchange”: “market3”,
  • “high”: 11734.09,
  • “last”: 11664.89,
  • “low”: 11069.42,
  • “open”: 11123.49,
  • “pair”: “btcusd”,
  • “route”: “Smart”,
  • “source”: “ticker-info”,
  • “timestamp”: “2020-08-03T18:22:05.909Z”,
  • “volume”: 38541.16966647,
  • “vwap”: 11449.21


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