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Fund managers outperform using SFOX’s reliable, comprehensive trading and portfolio management platform


Trusted by over 175,000 sophisticated investors and asset managers

Maximize Returns

Our transparent, low fees, best price execution, and global liquidity minimize your costs to help you maximize your returns.

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Scale AUM with SMAs

Offer individually customized investment portfolios designed to meet the specific objectives of sophisticated investors.

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Secure Custody

Crypto assets are secured using an industry-leading, patent-pending process designed to maximize speed and functionality.

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Access global exchange and OTC liquidity providers at once with just an SFOX account.


Trades received a net US dollar price improvement of $2.24 per $100 vs. the industry bid / offer.


SFOX operates with 99.99% uptime and automatically re-routes orders if a liquidity providers is ever offline.


More secure than cold storage: Geographically distributed, multi-factor access with no single point of failure on both warm and cold wallets

Portfolio Management

Fully integrated with SFOX Pro professional trading platform for seamless trading directly from your SAFE account.


Move to cold storage 24/7; move from cold storage within one business day.

Reliable and secure since 2014

42 Million

Trades executed

$12 Billion

Notional transactions


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