Dark pool privacy with global liquidity

SFOX’s Dark Pool is a fully hidden source of liquidity for large orders.
Why SFOX Dark Pool

All of the upside, none of the downside

Trade privately, either exclusively in the darkpool or across darkpool, OTC, and public liquidity at no additional cost.

Strict Privacy

Nobody can see into the darkpool. Whether they are a user or liquidity provider, the dark pool is completely hidden.

Best Price Execution

Fill orders privately in a dark pool environment or execute your order across exchange, OTC, and dark pool liquidity to receive the most competitive fair market value

Zero Slippage

Trade large block orders without slippage. Conceal your intention from the public market and execute your entire order at your intended price.

Smarter dark pool liquidity

SFOX’s Dark Pool reduces price fragmentation across exchange, OTC, and dark pool liquidity

Less waiting, more trading

Continuous crossing and spot access all in one dark pool

The most reliable
place to access crypto

42 Million Trades executed
$12 Billion Notional transactions
175,000+ Registered Users