May 2, 2023 10:00 am EST

Get the Most Out of Your Key Crypto Trading Strategies with sFOX

In this webinar we will walk you through the little-known tricks to use the full suite of sFOX trading solutions to radically upgrade your digital asset strategy.

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Are you looking to take your crypto trading to the next level? In this exclusive Ask Me Anything session on sFOX,  we will walk you through the little-known tricks to use the full suite of sFOX trading solutions to radically upgrade your digital asset strategy.

During the webinar, Jackson Finio, Head of Product, and Daniel Hinton, Head of Operations and Treasurer, address a wide range of topics, all designed to empower traders like you. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, this session will provide you with a deeper understanding of the sFOX platform and its numerous advantages.


Key topics we will address during the webinar

  • Gain valuable insights: Discover how to optimize your trading strategy for maximum efficiency.
  • Understand eligibility and security: Learn about how sFOX ensures the safety of your funds.
  • Explore sFOX’s unique features: Get a firsthand look at the SAFE feature and learn how it can enhance your asset management experience.



“As a prime dealer, our role is acting as a central counterparty while enabling our clients to access the global crypto market. At sFOX, we aggregate liquidity from global exchanges, OTC desks, but you don’t need an account with each one of those liquidity providers to trade. We are the central counterparty, so you only need that single sFOX account.

The way trade execution works is in a principal agent model. Our sole role is to achieve the best price for our clients. And in this way, we structured it this way to really align our interests with our clients. Unlike OTC trading, for example, we’re not trading against our clients. We’re simply routing out the order to destination venues. Plus, this mitigates our clients’ counterparty risk because you don’t have to hold assets with each exchange or OTC venue or worry about settlement. It’s all centralized.

The full-service aspect of it is our goal of providing a very vertically integrated experience in accessing crypto services. So we offer custody, trading, staking, prime services, and a lot more. And in doing so, we really want to provide that end-to-end experience for professionals when engaging with crypto markets so that they can maximize returns in the space across trading, securing, and using digital assets.”



Can anyone create an sFOX account, and are there any qualifications? 4:39

How quickly can I withdraw crypto from my sFOX account after trading? 7:02

How are you ensuring that sFOX stays user-friendly as it continues to grow and develop? 9:10

How is sFOX addressing the issues of data security and privacy? 14:12

What kind of tools does sFOX offer for collaborating with a team? 19:29

How can a trader leverage sFOX to their advantage? 24:28

Does sFOX support long and short exposure? 27:02

What’s the future roadmap for sFOX? Are there any exciting features or services we should be looking forward to? 38:15


Meet The Panelist

Daniel Hinton

Head of Operations and Treasurer at sFOX

Daniel Hinton is the Head of Operations and Treasurer at sFOX. With a strong background in corporate finance, Daniel has been instrumental in driving growth and improving operational efficiency at the Company. Prior to joining sFOX he held finance positions at a leading high-growth healthcare operator and in M&A advisory.Daniel earned his JD and Master’s of Tax Accounting from The University of Alabama. In his free time, he enjoys participating in various outdoor sports and bitcoin meetups in the Nashville area.
Jackson Finio

Jackson Finio

Head of Product at sFOX

Jack is the Head of Product at sFOX, the full-service crypto prime dealer for institutional investors, providing the liquidity, security, and infrastructure needed to unlock the full potential of digital assets. Jack has been professionally involved in crypto since 2015. Prior to joining sFOX, Jack was CEO and Co-Founder of Fund3, a quantitative hedge fund and OEMS software provider for digital assets.

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