August 23, 2023 2:00 pm EST

Meet the Pit Crew of Crypto Fund Management

In this webinar, Kumar Ujjwal from DwellFi and Jack Finio from sFOX delve into the challenges and solutions of the crypto fund management sector. They underscore the importance of bridging the divide between physical and digital assets, offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies fund management processes.

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If you’re just starting to explore how to create, grow, or professionalize a crypto fund, you’re likely aware of the overwhelming operational complexity involved. Beyond trading, tasks such as reporting and custody can be daunting. The good news is that the offerings of crypto asset management service providers have matured significantly, and you don’t need to tackle these challenges alone. Join sFOX and DwellFi in an accessible webinar where they’ll guide you through the top solutions for fund administration and other management services.

Key topics we will address during the webinar

  • Infrastructure Essentials: Exploring the necessary infrastructure for initiating fund development and enhancing the scalability of your trading strategy.
  • Blockchain’s Impact on Asset Management: Delving into the potential of blockchain technology in the development of asset management services for various portfolio allocations, spanning both crypto and non-crypto assets. Understanding how blockchain enables innovative asset management solutions and differentiating between crypto and non-crypto fund administration.
  • Optimal Approaches to In-House Development vs. Service Provider Partnerships: We’ll explore the spectrum of options, from building internal capabilities to leveraging third-party services. You’ll gain insights into the advantages and tradeoffs associated with each choice, allowing you to tailor your approach to your specific goals and resources.


In this webinar, Kumar Ujjwal from DwellFi and Jack Finio from sFOX delve into the challenges and solutions of the crypto fund management sector. They underscore the importance of bridging the divide between physical and digital assets, offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies fund management processes. A key focus lies in aligning client incentives while ensuring transparency, security, and integration for efficient back-office operations. The speakers elaborate on fund setup intricacies, asset allocation strategies, and the significance of prime brokerages and automated processes. They emphasize the vital role of partnerships in enabling smooth transitions between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, DwellFi’s blockchain-driven solution enhances data transparency, while sFOX’s platform facilitates the establishment of robust performance records.


Kumar, tell us about the services DwellFi offers, and what inspired you to create these solutions. 5:55

Jack, tell us about the operational issues you encountered back in your own fund days pre-sFOX. How have the challenges you faced inspired your approach to building product at sFOX? 9:00

What kind of infrastructure do I really need to start building a fund and making my trading strategy more scalable? Is there some kind of “minimum viable service package” I should be thinking about? 11:55
Where else can a trader manage individual accounts to build a track record and income base before setting up a fund? 19:50

How have you found that blockchain technology makes new asset management solutions possible? How do you think about the difference between crypto and non-crypto fund administration? 23:45

What best practices from non-crypto asset management has sFOX implemented in its design philosophy? What has it had to build specifically to handle asset management for fiat and crypto? 28:45

If I’m trying to build an in-house asset management shop, what are the best ways to think about service provider partnerships? What are the tradeoffs for deciding what to build in-house vs. which third-party services to leverage, and what are the right questions to ask potential partners in order to determine their competencies and whether there’s a mutual fit? 31:55

Diversification is the ubiquitous risk-management buzzword when it comes to asset allocation, but how should we think about diversification in partnerships with service providers? 38:55

Do your clients start with one service and then add services as their confidence increases or do most clients sign up for everything you offer? 43:20

As you think about the lifecycle of a fund, are there different services or operational considerations that a manager or operator ought to be prioritizing at different times—e.g., should I be bringing on a different vendor stack when I’m raising capital vs. when I’m actively deploying it? 44:40
One of the reasons we’re offering this webinar is because sFOX offers the “soft service” of an integrating community of crypto stakeholders and asset managers to empower its clients beyond the “hard services” of a tech platform, custody, etc. What are some other ways in which client relations can go beyond tech to help asset managers succeed to a greater extent than they’d be able to realize on their own? 49:03

What value do you want to create in crypto and blockchain through your services and through your company? 53:35

Meet The Panelist

Jackson Dinio

Head Of Product at sFOX

Jack is the Head of Product at sFOX, the full-service crypto prime dealer for institutional investors, providing the liquidity, security, and infrastructure needed to unlock the full potential of digital assets. Jack has been professionally involved in crypto since 2015. Prior to joining sFOX, Jack was CEO and Co-Founder of Fund3, a quantitative hedge fund and OEMS software provider for digital assets.

Kumar Ujjwal

Founder at DwellFi

Kumar is a visionary and inspirational leader known for his entrepreneurial success. With a proven track record as a 2x founder, he has spearheaded the growth of companies such as DwellFi and Revni, leveraging his expertise in SaaS, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Fintech. Kumar’s role as the first Product Manager at Punchh, culminating in a remarkable $500 million exit, highlights his strategic insight and ability to drive impactful outcomes. Holding two AI/Machine Learning patents, he seamlessly combines technical expertise with business acumen cultivated through his education at Stanford University’s esteemed business program. Kumar’s achievements include working as a lead AI product executive for enterprises, such as Kohl’s Digital, Wells Fargo, and Applied Materials, driving revenue in the billions. He was nominated as one of the Emerging 50 Fund Managers in 2022 by Signature Block.

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