The Ethereum People, Platforms, dApps, and Miners You Need to Know

In its short, three-year history, Ethereum has already spawned a vibrant ecosystem of developers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs excited by the potential of a decentralized network for computing power.

In 2013, Vitalik Buterin released a whitepaper describing a blockchain platform that was “Turing complete,” and would thus permit the development of decentralized applications. Buterin had been involved with Bitcoin, but he argued for the need for a scripting language that would permit the creation of smart contracts on the blockchain.

While the early Ethereum developers largely came from the Bitcoin community, they quickly started the formation of something completely new. Where Bitcoin is about enabling financial transactions on the blockchain, the goal of Ethereum is to become a platform for distributed computing.

We’ve developed this living guide to everything Ethereum so that you can keep track of the vibrant ecosystem rallying around the promise of a new kind of computing. These resources will serve as a way to start developing a deep understanding of this rich, new space in crypto.

📖 Table of Contents

👩‍💻 People: Follow the people who are building Ethereum, developing dApps on top of 
Ethereum, and advocating for Web 3.0. We've provided their Twitters so you can keep 
up-to-date on their latest thoughts and musings.
🗞 News: We've provided a list of the best Ethereum-specific and general cryptocurrency 
news outlets to keep track of everything from new innovations in Ethereum to daily 
price trends.
Miners: If you're looking to mine Ethereum at this point, you're going to want to be
part of a pool. We've included information on the major mining pools that boast over 75% 
of the total hash rate share.
👜 Wallets: Whether you prefer online wallets, hardware wallets, or paper wallets, we've 
provided a list of the best places to keep your Ethereum secure.
💡 dApps: The number of decentralized apps (dApps) that run on Ethereum is growing all 
the time. We've rounded up some of the most successful and exciting dApps to keep an eye 
Communities: Developing a dApp for Ethereum? Investing in Ethereum? Whatever your 
interest in ETH is, there's a community out there of like-minded people to talk with. 
We've included links to help you find them.

👩‍💻 People

🌱 Founders/CEOs

  • Ming Chan is the Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation. She studied Computer Science and Media Arts & Sciences at MIT, and her work focuses on regulatory and legal issues related to blockchain technology.
  • Jeffrey Wilcke is a co-founder of Ethereum; he started the first implementation of Ethereum using Go in 2013. Since then, he’s been the lead of Ethereum’s Go team.
  • Péter Szilágyi is a team lead at Ethereum and the creator of RegionRank. He is also the co-creator of EtherAPIs.
  • Gavin Wood is a co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum; he invented the Solidity contract language. He is also the founder and current CTO and Chairman of Parity Technologies.
  • Joseph Poon is a co-founder of Lightning Network, and he wrote Bitcoin’s lightning network white paper. His research focuses on inter-blockchain interaction and token mechanisms.
  • Joseph Lubin is a co-founder of Ethereum, and the founder of ConsenSys. He was also involved in the creation of the Ethereum Foundation.
  • Ryan Selkis is a founding team member at Digital Currency Group and CoinDesk; formerly entrepreneur-in-residence at ConsenSys; and founder of Messari.
  • Mihai Alisie is a co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine. He is the vice president of the Ethereum Foundation and the director of Ethereum Switzerland.
  • Anthony Diiorio is a co-founder of Ethereum; CEO & Founder of Decentral and Jaxx. He has also invested in blockchain-related ventures, such as StormX.
  • Charles Hoskinson is former CEO of Ethereum; CEO and co-founder of Input Output HK. He also established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013.
  • Jeremy Gardner is the founder of Blockchain Education Network. He works part-time pro bono for a venture-capital company that invests in cryptocurrency ventures.
  • Muneeb Ali is a co-founder of Blockstack, an internet for dApps. He received his PhD from Princeton in computer science, specializing in distributed systems.
  • Zaki Manian is Executive Director of Trusted IoT Alliance and adviser to the Cosmos project. He advises a number of crypto-oriented investment funds.
  • Brian Armstrong is the founder and CEO of Coinbase. Prior to founding Coinbase, he worked as a software engineer for Airbnb.
  • Jae Kwon is the founder and CEO of Tendermint. Before that, he co-developed scramble.io and co-founded iDoneThis.
  • Galia Benartzi is the VP of Business Development at Bancor, a protocol for smart tokens built on top of Ethereum.
  • George Melika is the co-founder and developer of SFOX. He has built three trading platforms and payment systems for firms like Stamps.com, Nuveen Investments, and UNX.
  • Akbar Thobhani is the co-founder and developer of SFOX. Previously, he was head of growth and business development at AirBNB, and he build four trading and payment platforms for Boku, ITG, and Stamps.com.

💻 Developers

  • Karl Floersch is an Ethereum researcher and former Blockchain engineer for ConsenSys. He’s currently working on implementing Casper for Ethereum.
  • Alex van de Sande is the Mist team lead and UX designer at the Ethereum Foundation.
  • Virgil Griffith is creator of WikiScanner; currently, he is an Ethereum research scientist. He co-designed the Tor2web proxy in 2008.
  • Mack Flavelle is the creator of CryptoKitties. Before that, he worked at the venture studio, Axiom Zen.
  • Christian Lundkvist is the decentralization generalist at ConsenSys. Prior to ConsenSys, Lundkvist was a quantitative analyst and developer at Bloomberg.

✍️ Writers/Commentators

  • Fred Wilson is a VC who’s avidly supported ConsenSys and has claimed that ETH will be bigger than BTC. He co-founded and managed Union Square Ventures.

👩‍🎓 Academics

  • Emin Gün Sirer is the Associate Professor of computer science at Cornell University. He has developed systems for anonymous communication; he also discovered Selfish Mining in Bitcoin and developed methods to deter it in Ethereum.

🗞 News

  • Ethereum Blog is the official blog of the Ethereum Project.
  • ETHNews publishes news coverage and analysis exclusively of ETH.
  • Ethereum Price is a simple, mobile-friendly price tracker of Ethereum, along with an ETH newsfeed.
  • Week in Ethereum News is a weekly ETH newsletter by Evan Van Ness of ConsenSys.
  • ConsenSys Blog is the official blog of the Ethereum organization, ConsenSys.
  • Vitalik Buterin’s website is where Ethereum’s creator publishes his personal thoughts on ETH.
  • Coin Telegraph analyzes fintech and blockchain topics, and they have an archive of all their ETH-related news.
  • Coindesk is a publication on all aspects of blockchain technology, with a separate section for all of their Ethereum articles.
  • Brave New Coin features news on all cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

⛏ Mining

  • ethermine (a.k.a. ethpool) mines 24.7% of the total hash rate.
  • F2Pool is a mine based in China that mines 21.6% of the total hash rate.
  • Dwarfpool mines 13.3% of the total hash rate.
  • EthFans is a pool based in China that mines 8.6% of the total hash rate.
  • MiningPoolHub mines 7.4% of the total hash rate.

👜 Wallets

🖥️ Software & Web Wallets

  • Coinbase is a major wallet with over 10 million customers and 32 supported countries.
  • Exodusis a wallet with built-in ShapeShift integration.
  • Jaxxis a wallet with built-in ShapeShift integration, created by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio.
  • Blockchainis the #1 digital wallet, with over 22 million wallets.

💽 Hardware Wallets

  • KeepKey is a USB HID-class wallet.
  • Trezoris a USB wallet.

📝 Wallet Generator

📈 Where to Trade

  • SFOXis a trading platform for businesses and advanced traders.
  • Krakenis a San-Fransisco-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • BitFinexis a Hong-Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Geminiis a New-York-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • GDAXis a San-Fransisco-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Bitstampis a Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Binanceis a cryptocurrency exchange, the base of operations of which is unclear.
  • eTorois a European ETH trading platform that lets you copy the strategies of successful investors.
  • Plus500lets you trade CFDs on ETH, shares, indices, forex, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • BitPandalets you trade ETH and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Local Ethereumlets you anonymously trade ETH worldwide.
  • Coin Oneis a Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Bithumb is a Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Bittrexis a US-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • OKEx is a Hong-Kong based cryptocurrency exchange.

💡 dApps

  • Cryptokitties is a dApp for collectible, breedable, unique cartoon cats. To date, around $19 million worth of CrytpoKitties have been sold. At one point, CryptoKitties accounted for 25% of transactions on Ethereum.
  • Augur is a decentralized prediction market application that’s built on top of Ethereum.
  • Gnosis Olympia is a dApp from the Gnosis team that provides participants with an environment to test trading in Gnosis’ prediction market.
  • Raiden Network is an off-chain scaling method that enables low-fee, fast payments on the Ethereum blockchain, and works with any ERC20 compatible token.
  • TenX is an Ethereum-powered dApp that allows users to easily spend cryptocurrency assets through a debit card.
  • Basic Attention Token is a token for decentralized ad exchange from the team behind Brave Browser.
  • Numerai is a crowdsourced open access that launched on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Numerai’s staking mechanism rewards data scientists for making accurate predictions via smart contract.
  • Storj is a platform for distributed cloud storage on the Ethereum network. Storj allows users to store data across a decentralized network of computer, while the Storj Share app allows users to rent hard-drive space for money.
  • uPort is a decentralized user ID platform.
  • OasisDex is an on-chain market for all tokens in the Maker registry, such as MKR, DAI, and ETH.
  • Melon is a protocol and system of tools on the Ethereum blockchain for digital asset management.
  • Toshi is a dApp browser for the Ethereum network, launched by the team at Coinbase.
  • The Million Ether Homepage is a million-pixel square where people can buy pixels with Ether to use as advertising space.
  • MetaMask allows you to run Ethereum dApps directly in your web browser, without having to run a full Ethereum node.
  • Bounties Network is a platform for outsourcing the completion of jobs, paying out in any ERC20 token or Ether.
  • Helix3 is a decentralized healthcare platform.
  • Kleros is a decentralized autonomous organization that uses smart contracts to croudsource tribunals and adijucate disputes.
  • ProveIt is a dApp for decentralized proof-of-possession for IP rights and network credibility.
  • Leeroy is a decentralized Twitter clone built on Ethereum.
  • Spankchain is an adult entertainment network designed to secure entertainers better profit margins and retain user anonymity.

⛪ Communities

🏫 Organizations

  • Enterprise Ethereum Allianceis a collective of everyone from Fortune 500 companies to academics, focused on developing enterprise technologies on Ethereum’s network.
  • Ethereum Foundationis a Swiss nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and educating the public about Ethereum.
  • ConsenSysis a ventured production studio for the development and acceleration of Ethereum-centric ventures.

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