sFOX Launches Weekly Fintech.TV Segment

sFOX is partnering with Fintech.TV to discuss the latest news in the decentralized finance industry during the Digital Asset Report segment. Covering a myriad of major topics relevant to digital assets, the new twice-weekly segment will provide insight from traditional finance and decentralized finance for a unique perspective.

Digital Asset Report, Monday, October 31

During Monday’s Fintech.TV segment, sFOX Chief Compliance Officer John Mannino discussed the recent ISDA event. On October 26, 2022, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) held its first Crypto Forum. ISDA is a trade organization of participants in the market for over-the-counter derivatives, and sFOX was one of the very first crypto-native organizations to join.

By definition, the ISDA is focused on the traditional finance world (TradeFi), which is what made this event so unique. The forum felt like an important inflection point illustrating a shift in the market from a retail focus to more institutional interest and adoption. This was clearly evident at the conference. Institutions are looking at the various ways to enter the market with derivatives as an important component.

sFOX’s Chief Compliance Officer, John Mannino joined a panel with JPMorgan, Standard Chartered, and the Federal Reserve highlighting the need for risk-appropriate capital rules and again highlighting how TradFi, crypto native companies, and regulation are coming together to better understand – and set – a clear path forward.

Additionally, the Keynote Address was conducted by CFTC Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero where she stated that the CFTC should continue to utilize its existing regulatory and enforcement authority with respect to digital asset markets, and emphasized that the CFTC should follow a “same risk, same regulatory outcome” approach.

As John discussed on FinTech.TV, the overarching theme that was clearly evident throughout the day was the lack of regulatory clarity. A common criticism of the crypto market is the volatility of the asset class. What is a key driver of volatility? Uncertainty. While no one is a fan of burdensome regulation, having a clear regulator and regulatory certainty would go a long way in stabilizing some of the current crypto volatility and would clearly open the door for any remaining institutional investor still on the sidelines.

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