MobileCoin (MOB) Now Available on sFOX


sFOX is the first digital asset platform to allow the buying, selling, and custody of MobileCoin (MOB), an encryption-focused cryptocurrency designed for use in everyday transactions. Previously, MOB was only accessible through the Signal App. sFOX is the first platform to offer institutional grade MobileCoin (MOB) access, further expanding MOB’s global footprint. 


sFOX enables asset managers, banks and other institutions to buy, sell, trade and custody MOB, increasing liquidity and strengthening stability. The partnership also enables MobileCoin to utilize sFOX’s platform to manage its corporate treasury, including its own holdings of MOB.


Mission-driven MobileCoin, the first carbon-negative cryptocurrency, is democratizing the digital payment system by enabling instant, sustainable, compliant and easy global transactions. MOB has become well known for powering the wallet on Signal, the world’s most secure end-to-end encrypted messaging app.


MobileCoin addresses four fundamental issues: Security, Transaction Speed, Energy Consumption, and Optimization for mobile devices. Guided by the belief that secure and encrypted transactions are a right, MobileCoin leverages blockchain, an opaque ledger, and cryptographically protected transactions. sFOX shares MobileCoin’s vision for providing user security, ample liquidity, and compliance support at the institutional level to scale globally. Together, sFOX and MobileCoin are consolidating liquidity for both investors and liquidity providers in MOB, positioning MOB as an even more powerful asset while keeping compliant with all KYC & AML laws. 


As we continue to build upon our success of increasing accessibility of cryptocurrency to institutions, sFOX is excited to scale our vision of liquidity and help MobileCoin make MOB the world’s truly global, peer-to-peer payment asset.


Meet the sFOX and MobileCoin teams this week on Wednesday, April 27th at 9:00am PST where we will be hosting an AMA together. You can sign up and find more details here.