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sFOX is the full-service crypto prime dealer for institutional investors, providing the liquidity, security, and infrastructure needed to unlock the full potential of digital assets.

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sFOX aggregates crypto liquidity for unparalleled access to trading opportunities on a global scale.
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Limitless liquidity. Unprecedented performance.

sFOX’s unique depth of market unlocks price improvements, reduced slippage, and operational advantages, enabling trades at speed and scale—without impacting the market.

30+ Liquidity providers
80+ Markets
10x Deeper orderbook liquidity
Smart Routing N/AMaker/Taker

Standard smart-routed market-to-limit order.


An Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) order is an order to buy or sell a currency that will be executed immediately. Any portion of an IOC order that cannot be filled immediately and at a price, better than or equal to the order limit price, will be cancelled.

An order that is designed to execute evenly over a set amount of time at a price equal to—or better than—the order price.
Stop N/AStop/Market

Triggers a market buy or sell order as soon as the average exchange price reaches your specified price.

Trailing Stop Risk MgmtStop/Market

An order that automatically adjusts the stop price at a fixed percent or quote currency amount below the current market price.

Hare PricePost-only

Constantly updates price by pegging to best bid/ask that results in best price. Jumps between exchanges to get a better price.

Sniper SpeedHidden-taker only

More aggresive smart order that continuosly refires order executing deeper into the order book to optimize for speed.

Polar Bear SpeedHidden-taker only

Trades against only the top of the order book with a randomized delay offering potential price improvement and minimized market impact.

Gorilla Price +
Very large orders

Trades against only the top of the order book with a randomized delay offering potential price improvement and minimized market impact.

Unbiased access to the best prices in crypto

sFOX takes a fully agnostic position as a trading partner, offering over 15 algorithms and order types to automate best price execution across 80+ markets—without taking proprietary risk.

Capital efficiency meets scalability​.

sFOX goes beyond standard prime dealer services to offer the unique capital and operational efficiencies needed to operate at scale. Experience full trade lifecycle support from one account—no additional accounts or service providers required.



Robust reporting

Flexible settlement

Best price execution


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Our dedicated in-house experts move as fast as you do, responding to your queries in hours—not weeks.

Engineered to exceed security standards.

Our fully secure, compliant, and regulated platform was built in-house to provide
ironclad protection from outside threats.

Zero security incidents in company history

No hot wallets or outside ledgers

Deposits housed in encrypted cold storage

encryption standards

Patented custody technology

$200MM of insurance of physical destruction of cryptocurrency private keys*

99.99% uptime
SOC 2 certification
24/7 support
FinCEN registered
*Provided by various syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, led by Arch Syndicate 2012. Certificate of insurance available upon request.

Slow and steady wins nothing

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